SD Solutions wins 5-year contract from AHRQ

SD Solutions, LLC has been recently awarded a 5-year Digital Healthcare Research Dissemination and Communications Support contract from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). AHRQ CEPI oversees websites that provide health IT tools for public use. We look forward to helping the agency improve IT infrastructure, cloud, DevSecOps, software development, content management, Drupal websites, mobile/smartphone support, security, databases, and system administration to improve their health IT tools and resources.

The SD Solutions team includes medical doctors, researchers, academicians, and healthcare SMEs along with UI/UX experts, and technologists. The work includes webinars, newsletters, blogs, publications, research, large databases, social media, and mobile-responsive websites to best advance the quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare for patients and their families. Mobile-responsive websites are tested using tablets (e.g., iPad), smartphones, and other devices as needed to ensure they display appropriately. Our stakeholders include clinicians, health services researchers, safety and quality improvement professionals, health system leaders, federal partners, patients and patient advocates, and others.

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