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US Dept. of Transportation Awards Acquisition Support and Agile Transformation Contract

June 2017: SD Solutions, LLC won a contract to provide Agile Transformation Services and Acquisition Support Services to US Department of Transportation.

Under this contract, SD Solutions, LLC will provide the following services towards successful procurement of next generation of a large IDIQ and Agile Transformation of the Enterprise IT.

Acquisition Support: End-to-end Support for Procurement Life Cycle activities of a Large IT Acquisition. Develop Acquisition Strategy, Plan, Timelines, Draft SOO/SOW/PWS an provide Source Selection Support, Award and Post Award Support. Use Industry Standards and Modular Contracting Best Practices to provide cradle-to-grave support. Provide Budget and Cost Estimation

IT Modernization: Framework for IT modernization including  legacy systems decommissioning and transition of systems across the organization. Coordination with multiple stakeholders and developing a roadmap for change management and create a culture of innovation.

Agile Transformation: Help OCIO with Agile Transformation of the Enterprise IT and provide subject matter expertise to incorporate modular development best practices into procurement documentation for agile development. Assist OCIO in updating standards, documentation, processes and procedures to develop software using agile development methodology. Develop and implement the approach for legacy systems transition to include decommissioning the legacy systems and provide a framework for IT modernizations in collaboration with all the stakeholders.

Cost Estimation: Provide information giving the Government the ability to develop pricing from Government and industry installations comparable to requirements based on market analysis. Assist with developing integrated cost models from both bottom up and top down

Training: Provide Acquisition and Agile Transformation Coaching and Training

Program Management: PMO Support, Stakeholder Management and Executive Communications

SD Solutions, LLC Achieves CMMI DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 3

September 2018: Building upon our Foundation of corporate certifications, which include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and CMMI SVC ML 2, we went through a rigorous process, implemented procedures, and were successfully appraised of CMMI DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 3.

CMMI is a Capability improvement framework that provides organizations with essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance.


What our CMMI maturity level 3 rating means for you:

• Our work and processes have received the highest form of third-party validation.
• We manage projects with an established set of practices.
• We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and producing great work that makes a difference.

Process Areas Implemented:

DAR – Decision Analysis and Resolution
IPM – Integrated Project Management
OPD – Organizational Process Definition
OPF – Organizational Process Focus
OT – Organizational Training
PI – Product Integration
RD – Requirements Development
RSKM – Risk Management
TS – Technical Solution
VAL – Validation
VER – Verification



SD Solutions LLC Small Business Prime of the Year

SD Solutions, LLC wins the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award from the US Dept. of the Treasury

May 2017:  SD Solutions, LLC is a SBA Certified 8a and HUBZone Small Business with service offerings in the areas of a) Legacy IT Modernization , b) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, c) Governance, Program Management, Acquisition and Agile Transformation and c) Business Transformation and IT Services. We take pride in delivering consistent results on time, within budget at highest quality levels using seasoned, certified and cleared resources. Our practice areas are backed by Academic and Industry best practices. We have Exceptional Performance Ratings in CPARS and a competitive GSA IT Schedule 70 price list. We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27000 and CMMI Services 1.3 Maturity Level 2 Processes. SD Solutions, LLC  has a DCAA Accounting System.

Once a year, United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), honors a “Small Business Prime Contractor” of the year. This esteemed award goes to a Small Business that excels in various aspects. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a Bureau of the Treasury, nominated SD Solutions, LLC as the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year.

Nine other Small Businesses that excelled in other Treasury Bureaus were also nominated for this award. SD Solutions, LLC was selected as the winner among 10 nominees for  excellence in contract performance in the best interest of the Government, community focus, and creating educational and employment opportunities in underutilized business zones.

In 2016, SD Solutions LLC sponsored a program in partnership with Page County Public Schools and Parents Against Depression Inc (PAD) to help save lives from suicides due to Depression.

In addition, SD Solutions, LLC brought students and staff from high schools in Page County, VA (a designated HUBZone), invited leaders in Cybersecurity (CISO/ISSO/SME) and conducted Virginia Cyber Camp 2016 in Washington, DC. This event was Virginia Governor McAulliffe’s initiative to support challenged divisions. SD Solutions, LLC was proud to sponsor/conduct this event to benefit the students and staff. As of academic year 2016/17, SD Solutions, LLC supported 24 poor students in rural Virginia with scholarship awards towards college education and paid Teaching Assistant jobs to help improve the test scores of students with challenges in specific subjects.


A US Federal Agency Awards Competitive Prime Contract to Provide Cybersecurity Advisory and FISMA Remediation Services

April 2016: SD Solutions, LLC received “best value” competitive prime contract award from a Small Federal Agency to provide FISMA Remediation and Cybersecurity Advisory Services.

Under this contract, SD Solutions, LLC will work with the CIO and CISO of the agency to provide the following services.

  • Help the agency comply with FY16 FISMA requirements
  • Implement an automated capability to scan and report on hardware and software assets
  • Perform vulnerability scans periodically at the frequency defined in organizational policy and based on management’s assessment of risk
  • Implement recommendations as documented within the Vulnerability Scan Assessment Report and enhance current vulnerability management processes to ensure that cybersecurity weaknesses are identified and remediated in a timely manner
  • Develop Policy and process requiring documented reviews of relevant Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE16) reports for service providers, and guidance surrounding how the reports should be reviewed, including evaluation of reportable conditions and user control considerations (UCCs)
  • Complete the Evaluation of the Fiscal Year 2016 Chief Information Officer Annual Federal Information Security
  • Participate in CyberStat accountability sessions and agency interviews with NSC and DHS for CyberStat face-to-face interviews and coordination with CIO/CISO to discuss the security posture with DHS
  • Complete and maintain the Plan of Action for improving specific cybersecurity capabilities, and provide FY targets and demonstrate progress toward those targets
  • Provide DHS information for Proactive Scans of Public Facing Agency Networks per OMB Memo M-10-28
  • Represent the agency in performing all FISMA reporting to include Quarterly report to CyberScope and Annual reporting
  • Work with agency officials in accordance with Section 301 § 3544 of FISMA, to submit an annual report to OMB, the Committees on Oversight and Government Reform and Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives, the Committees on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate, the appropriate authorization and appropriations committees of Congress, and the Comptroller General, by the due date establish by OMB and DHS
  • Represent the agency to answer questions on the FISCAM evaluation as well as complete the written report to be entered into CyberScope


IRS Awards Multi-year, Competitive Prime Contract to Provide Services in 11 Task Areas including IT Strategy, Governance, Program Management, Cybersecurity and IT Services

April 2016 – Internal Revenue Service awarded a multi year, competitive prime contract to provide services under 11 Task Areas including IT Strategy, Governance, Program Management, Cybersecurity and IT Services.

SD Solutions, LLC will be assisting the IRS in the following areas.

Governance and Strategic Program Management. Development of reliably crafted and implemented results oriented strategies that move from strategic planning to strategic managing. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Enterprise Governance, Roadmaps  and Strategic Planning
• Program governance and reporting
• Executive reporting
• Data analysis and recommendations
• Program advisement
• Plan, facilitate and lead executive level program meetings

Cyber Security and Infrastructure Support. Provide complete and comprehensive support for cyber security services and Information Assurance (IA) programs that assess and implement integrated solutions for physical, technical, operations, personnel, computer and communication security requirements, including disaster recovery assessment. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:
• Cyber security
• Network & critical infrastructure protection
• Linux RHEL and JBoss Support
• Support of Implementation of Enhanced Security Controls
• Information assurance
• Identity & access management
• Federal Information Security Management Act Compliance Support
• Certification & accreditation
• IT Modernization
• Legacy Systems Decommissioning and Transition
• Enterprise security
• Disaster recovery
• Security Engineering Guidance
• Independent Assessments and Recommendations for Security Controls
• Security Architecture and Design Support

Program and Project Management Support. The scope includes expertly managing scope, cost and schedule with appropriate planning and staffing to meet the program’s objectives. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Provide reports, facilitate meetings, and prepare presentations
• Communication planning and support
• Project resource planning and oversight
• Risk evaluation
• Concept and operation document support
• Project interface support

Applications Development. Insertion of relevant and extensive experience related to developing and maintaining applications and websites. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Software and database development
• Website and web-based applications
• Website redesign and maintenance
• Software library administration and maintenance
• Mobile application development
• Social media applications
• Portal maintenance and support
• Desktop/Client server application development & maintenance
• Section 508 compliance

Operations and Maintenance. Delivery of proven methods that provides a higher percentage of first-call resolution; creation of repeatable processes and properly documenting and communicating those processes; minimized support costs with increased levels of user satisfaction. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Network & critical infrastructure protection
• Patch management
• Virtualization with OS hardening
• Domain and server management
• Configuration management
• Disaster recovery support
• Help/service desk support
• Desktop imaging
• Desktop installs
• Application installs and upgrades
• Configuration management
• End user support
• Knowledge base management
Systems Integration and Helpdesk. Provide the technical services necessary to design, operate, and maintain enterprise-wide systems with solutions that address security and affordability requirements in every major segment of the network environment (network applications, middle-ware, LAN, and WAN) to ensure appropriate functionality, performance, manageability and compatibility. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Test Lab Services
• Workstation Refresh
• Server Virtualization
• Network Management
• Help desk, and end-user support

Provide actionable technology solutions based on real-world experience such as defining an Agile path for application development, enterprise lifecycle training, conducting market research, developing a strategy for secure communications and compiling an inventory of security compliance tools/applications. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Agile Development Methodology
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting
• Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
• Linux Consulting
• Microsoft product consulting

Tactical Project Management. Building on the results of lessons learned the contractor will conduct gap and scenario analysis of when and how the insertion of improved processes can be implemented. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Project planning
• Project risk management
• ELC Management and reporting
• Acquisition management
• Logistics support
• Business process re-engineering
• Gap analysis
• Best practice alignment
• Requirements management

Communications. Provide targeted messaging for each audience that is credible, relevant, visionary and differentiated. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Message development
• Program identity and associated branding
• Communications campaigns
• Leadership communications
• Employee communications
• End-user communications

Change Management. Amidst internal and external barriers effectively addresses the people issues that can often derail an initiative. Develop and execute change management strategies that support awareness, behavioral change and aligned incentives. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Stakeholder analysis
• Benefits analysis
• Change strategy development
• Linking messaging and benefits to strategy
• Identification and addressing of resistance to change
• Identification and utilization of catalysts for change
• Development and execution of change management plans and tactics
• Stakeholder communications
• Data collection, focus groups and other surveying of stakeholders

Learning and Development. Develop and provide services that promote individual and team effectiveness and executive development. The following types of work under are provided under this CLIN:

• Needs analysis
• Development of learning solutions (on-the job training, user manuals and quick guides, job-aides, on-line courses, instructor led training, etc.)
• Coaching and mentoring
• Team building
• Problem solving workshops development and facilitation
• Training services

SD Solutions LLC Tech Gala Nite

Nomination for Innovation in K-12 Education!

May 2017: Congratulations to SD Solutions, LLC Team for the nomination for innovation in K-12 Education Category at Shenandoah Valley Tech Council (SVTC). Great work by our employee Patrick Graybeal with innovative solutions on multiple formats to enrich classroom teaching experience with Guidance from Eric Johnston (PCHS Math Teacher) and Kathy Chrisman(Supervisor). We are looking forward to strengthening our ongoing collaboration since 2013 with Donna Whitley-Smith (Superintendent) and Eric Benson (Director of Instruction) at Page County Schools, VA towards expanding educational and professional opportunities for students. Thanks to Nicky Swayne (CEO of SVTC)  for a great event!


Scholarship Award Announced – 2016

SD Solutions announced its creation of the Student Scholarship Award. The cash award is gifted to 5 students that excel academically.