SD Solutions’ CISO Sky Sharma attends AFCEA International CERTS 2022

Sky Sharma (third from left) speaks at CERTS 2022

This month, SD Solutions LLC’s Sky Sharma, CISO and Cyber Practice Director, participated in the AFCEA International CERTS 2022 panel: How is Industry Advancing cybersecurity to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges? moderated by Stephen Wallace (Chief Technology Officer of the DISA) Industry leaders from Verizon (David Cerjan, Managing Director, National Security,) CrowdStrike (Jeff Worthington, Executive Public Sector Strategist,) IBM (Joe Riddle, Cyber Security Specialist, Federal Software) comprised a stellar crew responding to what companies are doing to recruit, train, and retain their workforce, and also how they are supporting and protecting the cybersecurity of each of their “client” companies which extends to the Joint Military Workforce.

Established in 1946, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International is a forum for the advancement of knowledge in the fields of IT, communications, intelligence, and security. AFCEA International spans both countries and sectors, fostering professional development and relationships between members of academia, governments, industries, and the military. The Cyber Education, Research and Training Symposium (CERTS) brings leaders of all sectors together to focus on the advancement of the cyber workforce. The theme is 2022 is “Developing Our Cyber Workforce to Meet Current and Future Challenges,” which explores the development of the nation’s cyber workforce to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of today, as well as those of tomorrow.

SD Solutions deeply cares about the educational and professional development of the nation’s cyber workforce, as well as working with partners and clients across all sectors to advance the nation’s cybersecurity. We are delighted that our CISO, Sky Sharma, was given the opportunity to speak alongside representatives of IT, communications, and cyber market leaders.

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