Cybersecurity Leader Joins SD Solutions

Sky Sharma

SD Solutions is pleased to announce that longtime cybersecurity professional, Sky Sharma, has joined our organization as CISO to lead our growing cybersecurity practice.

Mr. Sharma brings an exceptional background in cybersecurity with decades of practical experience, leading certifications, and industry best practices. Sky served the U.S. Air Force for 20 years in a variety of positions, including Lead Hardware Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Security Analyst, CSO, ISSO, CIO, and CISO. In the private sector, he has experience as a Cybersecurity Analyst and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant. In addition to accumulating years of experience, he has earned a variety of relevant certifications, including Security+, CIWP, CISSP, and CCNP. Mr. Sharma is a member of the AFCEA International Cyber Committee and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

As our global economy becomes more and more reliant on interconnected technology, cybersecurity has proven to be critical to the security and safety of systems and information. All organizations, from small businesses to large Federal agencies, are fair game for cybercriminals and other bad actors. Fortunately for SD Solutions and our clients, Sky will be expanding our cyber capabilities and developing robust solutions for our customers. In addition to providing information security for the company, Sky will contribute to SD Solutions’ Cyber Lab, where we will develop new and innovative cybersecurity solutions to help combat modern threats with emerging offensive and defensive capabilities.

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