SD Solutions Federal Mission Joint Solutions Venture Initiatives 

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Customs and Border Protection—Program, Project and Engineering Services (CBP PPES) 

SD Solutions is currently executing the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Program, Project and Engineering Services (PPES) contract under our Federal Mission Solutions Joint Venture. CBP PPES is a 3-year, $46m award. The contract provides Headquarters and Field Support to the CBP Office of Facilities and Asset Management, and Border Patrol and Air Marine (BPAM), Program Management Office (PMO) for management oversight and reporting on planning, leasing, construction, and the sustainment of real property and assets. 

This includes construction management, energy management, architectural and engineering design services, the establishment of facility and tactical infrastructure standards, historic preservation, and program oversight, communications and training, planning and coordination of repairs, and alterations to CBP-occupied facilities and infrastructure. We also assist the BPAM PMO in creating continuous and viable solutions by developing, executing, and managing on-going initiatives with program management planning, program analysis, project execution, construction oversight, scheduling, security, and risk management. 

Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration—Establishing Pathway to Advancing Novel Data Analytics Initial Operating Capability (DOT FHWA PANDA) 

SD Solutions is currently executing the Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)—Establishing Pathway to Advancing Novel Data Analytics (PANDA) Initial Operating Capability contract under our Federal Mission Solutions Joint Venture. This is a 3½-year, $400k award. The contract is with the FHWA under the DOT and the FHWA’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center’s (TFHRC) to help develop and implement solutions to difficult transportation questions with emerging analytical tools and approaches. 

The SD Solutions team will be assisting the TFHRC to establish their PANDA capability to bridge nationwide information stovepipes and understand the potential benefits that artificial intelligence and advanced analytics can provide to help solve critical transportation challenges. SD Solutions is part of a comprehensive professional services solution team addressing the THFRC’s requirements. 

Building on a strong project management foundation, we will be conducting specific activities, including documenting the FHWA’s data ecosystem inventory, facilitating workshops and interviews to develop use cases, defining draft physical and virtual architectures, and creating strategic communications and technical briefings that will ultimately describe the PANDA Initial Operating Capability. 

U.S. Census Bureau, IT Service Management Office—Contract Administration Support, Budget, Financial Management, Cost Management, & IT Investment Support Services (USCB ITSMO) 

SD Solutions is currently executing the U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) IT Service Management Office (ITSMO) contract under our Federal Mission Solutions Joint Venture. This is a 2½-year, $8.6m award. To address USCB challenges now and in the future, we are providing a comprehensive IT program support solution. We support the USCB by providing critical, subject-matter-expert support services in the following areas: 

  • Administrative, program and project management support 
  • Acquisition and procurement planning and pre-award and post-award contracting officer representative support 
  • Software asset management support 
  • Budget, financial management, and cost management support 
  • Metric analysis support, 
  • IT investment/CPIC support 
  • Knowledge transfer/transition support 

We are working with USCB to improve business processes of the ITSMO within the Development Contract Services, Operations Contract Services, and Strategy and Security Contract Services branches within the IT Vendor Management Office in addition to working to implement improvements and innovations seamlessly across a myriad of USCB vendors, partners, and stakeholders. 

The primary goal for this effort is to provide quality and timely IT program support services that will enable the USCB ITSMO to accomplish its mission objectives. 

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