Cybersecurity & Information Assurance

Cybersecurity and information assurance is one of the primary lines of business for SD Solutions. Our portfolio covers the full spectrum of information security needs of our clients. We are currently supporting a number of US federal government agencies with their information security objectives. Our solutions for strengthening organizations’ data, information systems, and network operations help them manage the information security risks and comply with various statutory/regulatory requirements. Our clients rely on our deep experience in tools and techniques to accurately assess their current maturity levels and implement metrics-based solutions that will measurably improve the overall security posture. Our expertise includes:

  • CISO advisory and cybersecurity governance
  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Identity and Access Management (IdAM)
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)
  • Cloud Security and FedRAMP
  • Continuous monitoring tools and NIST compliance
  • NIST’s Cyber Risk Scoring (CRS) Solution, NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), and NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  • Critical infrastructure protection and computer network operations
  • Assessment and Authorization (A&A), Authority To Operate (ATO)
  • Computer Forensics PKI and cryptographic planning and implementation
  • FISMA program support initiation, certification, accreditation, and monitoring
  • POAMs management
  • Policy and IT security control development
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness
  • Vulnerability assessment and incident management
  • Disaster recovery and continuity of operations

Legacy Modernization & Agile Transformation

Legacy systems are expensive to maintain and complex to modify. They make it hard to stay ahead of changing market needs, given how long it takes to develop and release new functionality. Legacy systems not only are limiting your ability to roll out new competitive features or service offerings but also limiting the ability to compete on cost. The key question for executives: how to offer the best services to the business and customers at the lowest cost? To stay competitive, this will invariably mean that they will selectively decommission legacy systems and integration infrastructure. They will also need to develop new capabilities that run in parallel. Our proven model focuses on six fundamental priorities to deal with this transition:

  1. Proactively managing risk
  2. Customer-centric business model
  3. Optimized distribution
  4. Simplified business and operating model
  5. Obtaining an information advantage
  6. Enabling innovation

As commercial and government organizations are looking for ways to be nimble to deliver their products or services in a fast-changing environment, it is imperative that their people, processes, and tools work effectively, efficiently, and in tandem to achieve the desired results. The traditional process improvement approaches focus on one area or discipline of an organization and often overlook the importance of self-organization, collaboration, innovation, and synchronization. Various studies have shown that transforming an organization to be Agile results in innovative solution, better Return On Investments (ROI), higher customer satisfaction, better quality, faster response or delivery times, and operational excellence.

Application & Platform Development

Software plays a vital role in the workflow of every modern organization and relied upon for everything from communications to marketing. SD Solutions can help you find, customize, and develop software applications that will allow your business to grow in a world where technology is more important than ever. We offer the following services:

  • COTS customization and implementation
  • Custom software development
    • Visualization Tool Development
    • Budgeting Tool Development
  • SharePoint development
  • Website development
    • WordPress development
  • Mobile Development
    • All popular mobile devices:
      • iPhone
      • iPad
      • Android smartphones
    • All popular mobile operating systems:
      • Android
      • Apple iOS
      • Blackberry
      • Windows Phone
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Security Analytics
  • Cloud Migration and Big Data Solutions
  • Hosting and Data Center Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Tableau Deployment, Data Analytics, and Reporting

Strategy & Governance

Government and commercial organizations are under constant pressure to limit spending while pursuing strategic initiatives and improving core services and operations. In government agencies, the leaders must manage their organizations for greater accountability, transparency, and spending effectiveness. Business executives also must find ways to reduce costs while mitigating risk and innovating to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and regulations. Our consulting services can help clients address this two-pronged problem faced by the leadership team. We work with our clients to support their strategic transformation agendas and build programs in alignment with organizations goals and mission. With our expertise, streamlining business processes, reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, and improving productivity become important enablers for accomplishing mission and business objectives.

Change management performed over a system’s life cycle provides control of performance and functionality to ensure the system performs as designed and intended. It also provides the documentation required to track and control changes for both reporting and future change purposes. Change at any level of an organization involves risk that must be understood and effectively controlled and managed for the organization to be successful. Strict change control and change management processes and procedures can help ensure successful and predictable outcomes. 

Over the past several years, SD Solutions has worked closely with several federal agencies to offer organizational improvements. We have direct, relevant, and practical experience leading and managing large-scale transformation initiatives for both IRS IT and other Federal customers including DOT, FEC, HHS, SBA-ITIM, and USACRC. Our clients benefit from a proven, straightforward organizational change strategy and implementation that meets all measures of success. Our team is composed of a talented pool of resources that are not only experienced and professionally trained in organizational change management, stakeholder engagement, and communication development and execution, but also demonstrate the facilitation and instructional design skills necessary to support knowledge sharing and establish training. We have several ITIL certified practitioners that are seasoned in all phases of Service Strategy, Transition, Design, and Continuous Improvement.

Data & Analytics

Among SD Solutions many specialized capabilities are data sciences, data visualization, data modeling, big data analytics, and a host of other data-related competencies.

Our skills and experience include design, build, test, and deployment of data visualization tools and interactive data visualization dashboards. Our data scientists are able to:

  1. Prepare data and improve old and/or creating new visualizing maps, charts, and trends dashboards;
  2. Organize data options, create map/chart/trends options, notes, and downloads for outputs; and
  3. Style and finish visualization tools such that they are quick, easy, and user friendly;
  4. Create outputs that can be used directly for presentations, publications, and reports.

Dashboards allow for visualization at lower levels of granularity and provide the ability to filter for special areas of interest. Dashboards can be designed with extremely robust capabilities and outputs that provide deep insights into the forces driving your business.

Professional & Management Consulting

SD Solutions teams up with clients to identify issues and gaps within an IT organization, resulting in a strategic plan to meet goals and objectives. Taking a balanced approach of assessing resources, tools, and processes to provide transparency and direction, we quickly identify measurable value and achieves a sustainable Return on Investment (ROI). Through advanced assessment and the creation of roadmaps to outline tactical steps, our consultants will assist in achieving a strategic vision to mature and continually improve your IT performance and capabilities. We understand the value of industry standards and best practices, however, experience has shown that every environment is unique. It’s real-world experience that allow us to blend industry frameworks to be flexible and aligned with an organization operating environment and culture. Our consulting services deliver customer value, innovation, and the foundation to mature your IT environment to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

Since 2015, we have been providing thorough meeting, event, and conference services for federal clients. Our support consists of planning and executing meetings for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). We provide extensive development and logistical services related to meetings and events:

  • Conference planning, hosting, and evaluation
  • Virtual, in-person, and in-person/virtual hybrid conference options
  • Coordination of pre-conference arrangements and onsite set-up of all meeting requirements with client and conference facility staff
  • Attendee and exhibitor travel support
  • Development of online lodging reservations system in coordination with hotel staff
  • Monitoring guest room blocks
  • Coordination of affiliate meeting room requests
  • Computer-based registration and print-on-demand badging
  • Translation services and special needs accommodations
  • Preparation and update of electronic and print announcements
  • Attendee materials development
  • Print and electronic signage and onsite collateral
  • Exhibit and vendor coordination
  • Print and online agenda and program development
  • Coordination of security checkpoints with client and facility staff
  • Website, mobile application, and live polling development and management
  • Management of audiovisual services including coordination of staging and set designs, internet services, audio and video recordings of sessions, and onsite management
  • Speaker management and presentation tracking
  • Technical session management
  • Branding and graphics development
  • Post-conference support, executive summary, and summary of conference planning activities