Software Development and RFID Based Solutions

Veteran Affairs – Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and Clinical Registries Program

SD Solutions, LLC has helped the Department of Veteran Affairs with two initiatives. One was to support the Clinical Registries Program and the other was to implement RFID based Real Time Location System (RTLS) in Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy (CMOP) in Charleston, SC

Clinical Registries Program:
Software Development, Program Management, Quality Assurance for Clinical Case Registry (CCR), Embedded Fragments Registry (EFR), Military Eye/Vision Injury Registry (DVEIR), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Oncology Tumor Registry (VACCR), Adhoc Reporting, Veterans Implant and Tracking Alert System (VITAS)

Real-Time Location System (RTLS):
Program Management, Finacial Management, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, Solution Implementation for following Use-Cases

Temperature Monitoring – Locations, Temperature measurement, Alerting, Reporting, Dashboard
Staff Monitoring and Emergency Management – Time accounting, movement, emergency, Handwashing

Asset Tracking – Active and passive RFID tagging and tracking, Location history, inventory workflow,

Integration between AEMS / MERS