Secure Compliance Posture Monitoring and Reporting

The IRS required SD Solutions to perform an integrated security compliance posture to produce a solution that will supply them with the appropriate method of managing FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) compliance of its implemented technology security controls. SD Solutions successfully provided them end to end technical support on all matters and kept up with the MLGB (Management Level Governance Board) requirements. The team completed the project in two phases, an initial operational capacity phase and a final operational capacity phase.

SD Solutions provided outstanding service deliverables throughout the contract. The service deliverables provided were the following: a project management plan, ELC documentation support, SA&A activity tracking and supporting, end-to-end technical and business integration expertise, guidance and direction of project team activities, and timely delivery of services and documents. The IRS’s expectations were outlined in an orientation briefing which set expectations for the required cybersecurity support services and validated the team’s schedule. SD Solutions delivered a tool for controlling security posture within a fixed timeframe, budget, and scope. The team successfully curated a solution while simultaneously working alongside multiple federal agencies.

SD Solutions managed to successfully stay organized and punctual while collaborating with multiple divisions within the IRS, DHS (Department of Homeland Security), MITRE, and other federal agencies. All teams accomplished the IRS’s objective and created a productive intra agency and inter agency environment, a first of its kind. Despite working with multiple agencies, SD Solutions delivered an exceptional enterprise tool to scan and monitor the security posture within the appropriate timeframe allocated. SD Solutions successfully hit all the milestones in a timely manner and provided all appropriate documentation at the end of each one. The team finished months earlier than the anticipated date and delivered the project within the budget and scope of the contract. Quantitatively, SD Solutions implemented an exceptional tool that reduced scan time of thousands of networking devices from a couple days to mere hours. The prior IRS method for scanning devices was multiple tools to scan different operating systems but SD Solutions was able condense the number of devices to just one for all operating systems.