Planning and Logistical Support for the NRCs Annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC)

The NRC required SD Solutions to provide support and services in the development of the RIC website, database, mobile site, and mobile application web content management. They had an immediate need for online registration and virtual participant management and other conference support for the upcoming Regulatory Information Conference (RIC). This annual conference is hosted by Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR) and Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research as a place to discuss safety and regulatory issues of mutual interest. SD Solutions successfully assisted in the March 10-12, 2020, conference but unfortunately due to covid-19, it was canceled. The team was able to still offer their help virtually March 8-11, 2021 and will continue to provide support for March 8-10, 2022, and March 12-14, 2023. The engagement is ongoing, and SD Solutions needs to provide conference support for two more years.

2021’s RIC was the first-ever fully virtual conference and saw an increase of 33% more attendees, up to 4,000+ from the 3,000 in years past. By all accounts the conference was executed nearly perfectly. During 2020, RIC had registered 2,300+ participants from dozens of countries at the time of cancellation. When the NRC introduced new initiatives, the SD Solutions offered creative methods for implementation that were accepted and were built into the planning. Every task and activity were thoroughly thought out and planned for down to the smallest detail, and even with new direction from the NRC, was able to effectively adjust their timeline without impact to the deliverable schedule. After the cancellation of the RIC, the SD Team was very responsive to NRC’s request for a revised proposal which resulted in the team being able to return to work supporting the contract with minimal downtime

The engagement was successful because of the quality of work performed by SD Solutions. They received a CPAR report which highlights how despite the cancellation of RIC, work performed by the SD team from the beginning of the period of performance, up to cancellation, and post-cancellation was exceptional.