IRS Customer Account Data Engine 2 (CADE 2) Individual Tax Processing Engine (ITPE)

IRS wanted to obtain Software Development support resources with the specific legacy skills to backfill 14 Federal Full Time Employees (FTE) that was realigned from the Individual Tax Processing Engine (ITPE) effort to support COVID19 and Filing Season 21 effort. The need is to speedily procure additional software development support for ITPE (backfilling 14 FTEs) that would be on a timeline for one year. SD Solutions was needed to provide development support to modernize two components of IRS Individual Masterfile (IMF) legacy system focus. The requirement is to design, develop, new IT solutions as well as assist current ITPE developers in the conversion effort of ALC to JAVA that align with IRS modernization initiatives and strategies.  SD Solutions needs to analyze the two existing Assembler programs within IRS to ensure the newly written JAVA coding performs effectively.

The engagement is successful so far because everything is going according to schedule. The team members have been chosen and all material has been distributed. The team met the standard in meeting necessary legacy skills (ALC, IBM, C-interface)/modernized JAVA sills and Tier II systems and applications technologies. The reporting deliverables SD Solutions will eventually provide are status reports, presentations, draft Knowledge Transfer Plan (KTP), project schedule, metrics, and reviews. The service deliverables are providing project management support, AD support, software and development support.