Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Information Technology (IT), Enterprise Operations (EOPS), Emerging Technology Implementation Division (ETID) Governance Services

The ETID department needed SD Solutions to lead organization change management, integrate communications, technical project and portfolio management to best support IRS’s needs. The overall goal of the department was to deploy enterprise-wide technology projects. SD Solutions successfully completed all desired outcomes by providing all necessary personnel and supervision along with all the equipment and supplies needed to carry out the contract. This in turn effectively increased employee engagement, improved stakeholder communication, and lead for better technical project and portfolio management support.

SD Solutions successfully met the standards ETID set forth for the contract. They accomplished all tasks set forth. The team transformed the organization and created an excellent portfolio. The service deliverables provided by SD Solutions were increased communication with stakeholders to maximize the adoption of new technologies; improved employee engagement within the organization to increase its ability deliver and build the skills necessary for long-term success; technical project management support for various ETID IT projects; and implemented rigorous portfolio management and governance to ensure prioritization and accountability. The reporting deliverables was a Quality Control Plan (QCP) within 35 days of contract award.