Customize Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Occupational Safety and Health Information System (OSHIS)

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) main objective was a COTS OSHIS to assist in complying with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures governing their OHS (Occupational Safety and Health) Program and OHC (Office of Human Capital) WCP (Workers Compensation Program). SD Solutions competitively won the contract and oversaw the design, development, and implementation of interfaces while working alongside federal and private agencies DOL-OWCP, to support TSA in meeting OSHA and FECA requirements, as well as OSHE and OHC-WC processes. FISMA compliance, DHS IT Security Policy, TSA IT Security Policy Handbook, and DOL/GOVT-1 Systems of Record are all security requirements that SD Solutions met. The COTS program was accessible at 600 facilities world-wide, 24 hours per day, and up to 50 concurrent users, withstood supporting 2000 reports of unsafe working conditions, incorporated role based secured and customized workflows, and interfaced with and exchanged data with other internal and external systems to TSA. SD Solutions has delivered most deliverables but is now on the operate and manage stage in which they are examining the results and the helpdesk set up for benefit of TSA employees.

The service deliverables provided by SD Solutions were a customized COTS and OSHIS for the TSA. SD Solutions successfully met all of TSA requirements for COTS OSHIS customization ahead of schedule, within budget, including achieving ATO almost six months prior to the proposed date. TSA has been able to implement their new OHSIS at 600+ locations and has transitioned the project to Operations and Maintenance.

SD Solutions ensured a successful execution of all Informational Technology scans and audits. The team provided excellent professional server when setting up the service. They managed all security vulnerabilities promptly and efficiently thus resulting in a limited number of Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAMS) Authority to Operate (ATO) being approved by TSA within about a three-month period. The CPARS mentioned that SD Solutions ISSO team was very effective and responded quickly to TSA’s inquiries and requests.

SD Solutions developed and deployed a helpdesk service system and was able to capture all issues from the uneven initial deployment process left by the previous contractors. They were able to successfully repair and remove all duplications that were a result from the subcontractors on the project. During a government shutdown, SD Solutions diligently worked on the contract without their presence completing those activities that did not require TSA’s support.