Compliance Partnership Control System (PCS)

SD Solutions followed the IRS Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC) framework to support delivery in waterfall as well as those projects that follow the Agile path. The ELC framework allows any project irrespective of the path it takes, to be consistent and compliant to the federal government and industry best practices. The Compliance Partnership Control System (PCS) resides within the Application Development (AD) domain and is currently being migrated from Unisys Mainframe COBOL 74 to Java/Oracle 12c. The IRS ELC Agile software development life cycle is being followed. The phases followed by our Senior IT Specialist are: Domain Architecture, Preliminary Design, System Development, and System Deployment. IRS wanted to increase campus personnel productivity, improve reporting and noticing capabilities, provide critical historical information, decrease overall system maintenance costs, and conform with the AD Java Migration effort. The Partnership Control System (PCS) currently exists on the IRS Unisys Mainframe, and is written in COBOL and Executive Control Language (ECL). PCS interfaces with multiple systems including Tier I Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS), Audit Information Management System (AIMS) and National Account Profile (NAP). SD Solutions went in to provide excellent technical support to the PCS team to transform their infrastructure by increasing the capabilities in the mainframe.

The outcome has been very successfully because all deliverables have been met in a timely manner. SD Solutions has ensured that PCS has an outcome which is implemented in Production and is up and running with performance that at a minimum mirror the legacy performance and met the user needs/requirements. SD Solutions ensured compliance with IRM and IRS Security regulations. All goals set forth by the PCS Team were successfully worked on by the SD Team.