In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell


Who We Are

SD Solutions, LLC is a fast-growing professional services company, providing a broad spectrum of services and solutions in IT modernization, cybersecurity, strategy, consulting, digital, legacy transition and decommissioning, technology and operations.

Mission: To deliver enduring results to our clients using strong business acumen, technical solutions and management services.

Vision: To be the company of choice for our clients, partners, employees and the community. We make it possible by employing customer-focused resources, quality-centric processes, results-oriented methodologies, state-of-art tools and technologies, cost-effective principles and efficient-time management techniques.

Core Values: Quality, Timeliness, Integrity, Trusted Relationship, Corporate Citizenship.

What Sets Us Apart

Exceptional Performance Ratings in CPARS, Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year award, Over 95% positive ratings in D&B, 100% customer retention, Competitive Prices, Employee Development, Strategic Partnerships, Operational Excellence, DCAA Compliant Accounting System, Community Programs and Corporate Citizenship

What We  Do

We focus on these key areas: a) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, b) IT Modernization and Legacy Transition c) Strategy, Governance, Program Management, Acquisition and Agile Transformation and d) Information Technology

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance:

Cybersecurity directly impacts the mission for organizations of all sizes. Cybersecurity begins with knowledge of accurate asset inventory and situational awareness, and it includes adherence to industry and Government standards, and extends beyond safeguarding data, networks and infrastructure. We command years of experience in end-to-end Cybersecurity solutions to ensure our client’s cyber assets are continuously monitored to be safe, secure and resilient by proactively managing the risks.

IT Modernization & Legacy Systems Decommissioning and Transition: 

Legacy systems are expensive to maintain and complex to modify. They make it hard to stay ahead of changing market needs, given how long it takes to develop and release new functionality. So, legacy systems may be limiting your ability to roll out new competitive features or service offerings, and they are also limiting the ability to compete on cost. The key question for executives: how to offer the best services to the business and customers at the lowest cost? To stay competitive, this will invariably mean that they will selectively decommission legacy systems and integration infrastructure. They will also need to develop new capabilities that run in parallel. Our proven model focuses on six fundamental priorities to deal with this transition. 1) Proactively Managing Risk 2) Customer Centric Business Model 3) Optimized Distribution 4) Simplified Business and Operating Model 5) Obtaining an Information Advantage 6) Fostering and enabling Innovation.

Strategy, Governance, Program Management, Acquisition and Agile Transformation:

Public and private sector organizations are under constant pressure to do more with less. IT executives are expected to deliver better results year after year with shrinking IT budgets and smaller workforce. We bring years of proven experience, domain knowledge and industry best practices in providing leadership with strategic plans, setting measurable goals and objectives, benchmarking and development of technology roadmaps. Execution of strategy by aligning and managing the IT portfolio with ongoing mission critical needs and priorities, ensuring strong governance processes along with stakeholder management, communications and organizational change management are key to successful realization of the measurable benefits. Program Management using industry best practices and executive reporting by rolling up the performance data supports the ability to measure progress in making timely and key decisions. In addition, we provide end-to-end acquisition support for large Federal Procurements.

Our Agile Transformation practices helps organizations transform their people, processes and technology to work in tandem and perform at their highest levels to achieve synergies and efficiencies.

Information Technology:

An optimized IT environment enables organizations deliver timely and consistent results in spite of constant changes in business, political and regulatory landscapes. Continuous improvements in people, process and technology along with efficient utilization of resources are essential to strong organizational performance and value creation. Our team of experts have aided organizations with IT solutions with improved operational metrics and balanced scorecards by implementing flexible and scalable solutions which utilize industry best practices such as: SDLC, Agile, DevOps, Six Sigma, CMMI, and ITIL. We also partner with leading Hardware, Software and cloud vendors to ensure our clients receive immediate and reliable support. This approach results in the elimination of wasteful spending, increased business productivity and collaboration with simplified processes and improved performance.

How We Deliver

We listen, innovate, collaborate, optimize and deliver value to our clients. We use domain expertise, seasoned professionals, industry standards and best practices and state-of-art technologies to deliver high performance and enduring results.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The Contractor’s performance exceeded our expectation. Their level of professionalism remained consistent throughout the contract. Each step and phase of the project was, for the most part, ahead of schedule. This efficiency was of benefit, as a major modification had to be made to this project. Overall, I would state their performance was exceptional”- Acting CFO of a US Federal Agency


“Working with SD Solutions, LLC has been a pleasure to say the least, their professionalism and attention to detail has certainly been a tremendous asset to our project. When asked to provide updates or answer questions, they are timely and their information is accurate and has assisted the our personnel in making decisions as relate to our project. As the assigned Contracting Officers Representative for this project, I have appreciated their great communication skills and ability to keep documents such as the invoices and Work Breakdown Structure and other documents updated and available to myself and our team” – Contracting Officer Representative on a recently completed contract