Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for Enterprise Search, Productivity, Collaboration, and Intranet:

Synopsis: Technology Implementations often fail because implementation teams do not use a proven Governance Plan that guides a balanced approach to address the three dimensions: of People, Process, and Technology in an Enterprise. Based on years of successful mission-critical technology implementation experience, SD Solutions, uses a three Dimensional approach to ensure success.

Federal Records Management Implementation Using Microsoft SharePoint

Synopsis: SD Solutions LLC’s implementation approach for a Records Management system starts with a solid Governance plan, invariably called Program Management Plan (PMP), that covers the broad vision of the

Federal Agile IT Procurement Using FAR 39.103 Modular Contracting Principles

Synopsis: Many federal agencies are moving towards implementing Information Technology (IT) using Agile Principles “from Action 15: Issue Contracting Guidance and Templates to Support Modular Development, 25 Point Implementation Plan

Federal IT Agile Transformation

Synopsis: SD Solutions, LLC’s key objectives for Agile IT Transformation can be summarized as follows: 1) Encourage innovation and deliver cost-effective solutions; 2) Incentivize vendor performance in agile, continuous delivery