Change Management

Improving Change Management for Your Organization

Change management performed over a system’s life cycle provides control of performance and functionality to ensure the system performs as designed and intended. It also provides the documentation required to track and control changes for both reporting and future change purposes. Change at any level of an organization involves risk that must be understood and effectively controlled and managed for the organization to be successful. Strict change control and change management processes and procedures can help ensure successful and predictable outcomes. 

Over the past several years, SD Solutions, LLC has worked closely with several federal agencies to offer organizational improvements. We have direct, relevant, and practical experience leading and managing large-scale transformation initiatives for both IRS IT and other Federal customers including DOT, FEC, HHS, SBA-ITIM, and USACRC. Our clients benefit from a proven, straightforward organizational change strategy and implementation that meets all measures of success. Our team is composed of a talented pool of resources that are not only experienced and professionally trained in organizational change management, stakeholder engagement, and communication development and execution, but also demonstrate the facilitation and instructional design skills necessary to support knowledge sharing and establish training. We have several ITIL certified practitioners that are seasoned in all phases of Service Strategy, Transition, Design, and Continuous Improvement.

Our organizational change management methodology provides a framework and methodical process for how to engage stakeholders, shift mindsets and behaviors, and ultimately engender personal commitment to the change. Our approach is built on a common set of theories and principles regarding organizational change, complemented with institutional and professional experience from assisting organizations with transformation efforts. Our approach uses three phases that help organizations effectively perform the following tasks:

  1. Prepare and plan for change
  2. Manage the change
  3. Sustain and improve

The changes we have helped implement have improved communications efforts, streamlined purchasing processes, improved employee engagement, enhanced governance, and lowered operating costs. When performed properly, change management can result in future cost avoidance.