Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a core value at SD Solutions, LLC and we are passionate about creating Educational and Employment Opportunities in Rural and Underutilized Business Zones. As a good community partner, SD Solutions, LLC has created an Annual Scholarship Award in 2013 for aspiring high school seniors from low-income neighborhoods in the country. We work with high schools to provide scholarship awards towards a college education. Our selection criteria include CGPA, Volunteering Activities, Citizenship Skills, Teacher References, Financial background, and Essay. We also help the schools with funds to purchase books for the library, arrange for a students site visit to the industry, tech/career counseling.

In addition, we created a tutoring program to hire paid teaching assistants to teach students to help improve their grades and SAT scores and assist Teaching staff with tasks related to curriculum. Over the years, we have also been proudly supporting hundreds of economically disadvantaged students in India with their education.